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The VPM Intern Experience

Former VPM News Intern Alan Rodriguez Espinoza conducts an interview. (Photo: Crixell Matthews, VPM)
Former VPM News Intern Alan Rodriguez Espinoza conducts an interview. (Photo: Crixell Matthews, VPM)

All Internship Opportunities | The Sarah Raybin Portlock Fund for Interns

Thanks to donor support, including a generous grant from the family of Sarah Raybin Portlock, VPM is proud to offer a variety of internship opportunities in our Digital, News, Music, Community Engagement and Marketing departments. VPM Internships allow the next generation of public media professionals to gain real world experience. Wondering what it's like to be a VPM intern?

VPM News interns gain experience and exposure to all aspects of our news team. They collaborate and work closely with VPM reporters on larger stories and learn to navigate the process of producing  their own stories, from pitching an idea, to conducting research and interviews, to recording and editing audio, to filing the story for broadcast.


“I anticipated to learn a lot from this program, but it has far exceeded my expectations. Any doubts I had about whether journalism was the right field for me have been quashed. The confidence I’ve gained through the collaborative and encouraging VPM Newsroom has me feeling immensely prepared to become a full-fledged reporter. I love that everyone is so passionate about what they do — it’s something that truly inspires me to keep challenging myself in my own reporting and keep pushing on, no matter how difficult the subject may be, because I know my work can make a difference.”
-Meghan McIntyre , VPM News Radio and Digital Intern , Spring 2022


"Before my time as an Intern at VPM I didn’t have much professional news experience, but the VPM’s News and Music teams coached me up, and quickly instilled the confidence I needed to jump on a microphone and talk people through the ins and outs of complex news. This internship also provided me with a very rare opportunity to pursue my passion for sports while still maintaining a focus on hard news. I’m so excited to be a part of the team that helped sports news get a little more shine in public broadcasting."
-Max Ames, VPM News and Music Radio Intern Spring 2022


“During my remote internship with VPM, I was able to feature more voices and perspectives about my home region, Southwest Virginia. This included writing a story about the Christiansburg Institute Museum, a museum dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the rich history of a Southwest Virginia institution aimed to educate Black students starting from the reconstruction up to the civil rights era. 

Working on this story provided me with more context and a different perspective on the area in which I live. I also grew appreciative of those who carve a space for people like me within Southwest Virginia, and the curators who are working to maintain and expand the Christiansburg Institute Museum. 

I often look for stories featuring unheard and unseen voices within their community. I look for stories and reporters who are in tune with their audiences, attentive to details, strong storytellers and people who seek to challenge journalistic norms. Not only did I find this within VPM’s reporting, but also found this through my internship where I was cared for, taught, provided with a high level of collaboration and given agency to do my own reporting along with other opportunities.”
-Adiah Gholston, VPM News Radio/Digital and Focal Point  Remote Intern, Summer 2021 - Spring 2022 


“I interned at VPM from 2019 until very early 2020, during a year break from college. I was looking for a way to get some experience in either radio or news — imagine my luck! Once I started, the team brought me in without question. They gave me opportunities to shadow awesome reporters covering the day’s most interesting issues, and engaged me in reporting those stories. Most importantly, my editors started giving me real work to do from week one. They listened to my interests, connected me with new ideas and people in the environmental field, and made sure I was picking up the basics along the way. 

Now that I’m out of college, I’m back at VPM News as a freelancer. It’s a team I trust and am excited to continue to learn from, collaborate with, and contribute to. And though I’ve decided to stick around Richmond, I know the skills learned during my internship here could take me anywhere in the country or beyond."
-Patrick Larsen, Former VPM News Intern, Current VPM News Freelance Journalist

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Sarah Raybin Portlock Fund for Interns | VPM Internship Opportunities


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