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VPM at the 8th Annual Afrikana Film Festival

2023 Afrikana Film Festival
Afrikana Film Festival
The 8th Annual Afrikana Film Festival takes place from September 14-17.

The Afrikana Film Festival returns from September 14-17 for its eighth year in Richmond, Va.

On Saturday, September 16, attendees are invited to the world premiere of NINKI NANKA at VCU’s Institute for Contemporary Art. Written by Revel Denkyem and directed by Leron Lee, the short film depicts a teen’s attempts to escape their challenging home life only to encounter an otherworldly figure.

Produced in partnership with Oakwood Arts and VPM, NINKI NANKA was a result of Afrikana’s inaugural script-to-screen filmmaker residency. Get your tickets here.

Read more about the Afrikana Film Festival and NINKI NANKA in Style Weekly.

VPM is a sponsor of the 2023 Afrikana Film Festival.