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Explore specialty gardens focused on unique products!

Green vine with large green leaves and large oblong fruit growing on a black chain link fence.
Luffa vines grow up to 30 feet and climb fences, trellises, and trees. The fruit can be harvested and processed into natural sponges.

Tour specialty gardens focused on unique products. Peggy Singlemann visits Mark Ragland in his tea garden in Prince George County to discuss how to grow the tea tree, Camellia sinensis, in Virginia. Amyrose Foll meets Lara Brooks of Lara’s Luffa to learn about growing luffa to produce natural sponges. In the studio Mark demonstrates how to brew tea from leaves and Lara shows how luffa fruit are processed into sponges. Randy Battle shares tips for planting winter vegetables in the garden bed. Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger explains how to use herbs to add interest to the landscape.

Virginia Home Grown (Season 23 Episode 8)