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'Tis the Season: A Holiday Poem from VPM

'Twas the holiday season, and all through the state,
Members were donating, their generosity so great!
The accountants were holding their calculators with care
In hopes that the tax breaks soon would be there.

The sustainers were cozied up next to the fire,
Binging programs on Passport, feeling inspired.
With their monthly gifts of five dollars or more,
They ensure VPM can continue to soar!

The annual donors lay snug in their beds,
Where visions of local news danced in their heads.
Through just one gift, no matter its size
Their loving support made impact that multiplies.

Snow fell lightly all through the night,
Coating unused vehicles in a blanket of white.
VPM fans slept soundly, for the very next day,
Those cars would be donated, conveniently towed away!

No need to fuss with holiday crowds at the store.
This year, you can give a gift that means more!
A special radio message for someone you love,
Broadcast with affection on the airwaves above.

As you deck the halls, you can plan with pride
To leave a lasting legacy for VPM, set aside.
Wills, bequests, and estates can ensure
VPM's work will continue forevermore!

If this holiday season your budget is tight
No need to fret, you can still help us shine bright!
Subscribe to our newsletters, give our socials a like,
And tune into our content, day or night!

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