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Learn about efforts to protect and restore land in Virginia

Forest, farm fields, and an old plantation home on the water alongside a visitor center and parkinglot.
Machicomoco State Park is Virginia's first park honoring the legacy of Native American culture.

Peggy Singlemann explores the land reclamation site at Kyanite Mining Corporation in Buckingham County. President Guy Dixon, and Environmental & Safety Director John Snoddy explain the company’s industry-leading approach to environmental stewardship that reclaims mine land for wildlife habitat.

Amyrose Foll tours Machicomoco State Park in Gloucester County, Virginia’s first state park dedicated to honoring Native American history. Ranger Terry Sims explains the plan for ecological succession to return the park to a more natural state.

Shana Williams shares tips for using woodchips in the garden to suppress weeds and conserve water. Serome Hamlin explains how to stop runoff and erosion in the garden with groundcover.

Studio Extra:

Terry visits Peggy in the studio to take a closer look at the native tree species that rangers are encouraging to grow at Machicomoco State Park.