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VHG Clippings

  • cherry trees are in full bloom with light pink flowers
    Maria Mas
    The final frost date is only a few weeks away for most of Virginia, and then gardening will be in full swing! Peggy shares her advice on prepping the lawn, vegetable rows, and flower beds.
  • garden bed is filled with white, purple and yellow flowers, grasses, shrubs. the dirt is covered with mulch and is surrounded by a rock border
    Robyn Puffenbarger
    It's officially spring, but Virginia's final frost date has still not arrived. Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger shares how she preps her plants and plans out her garden beds.
  • many yellow trumpet-shaped daffodils grow in a green clump of leaves and grass
    JenniKate Wallace
    Peggy shares her advice on planning crop rotation, preparing soil, pruning and crabgrass control.
  • Discover a park that provided native plants for a unique set of botanical watercolor paintings and tour the historic garden of a Harlem Renaissance poet.
  • Edmund Frost, of Common Wealth Seed Growers, demonstrates how to harvest cucumber and tomato seeds and explains why seed saving can improve your garden. At Carter Farms, Michael Carter, Jr. displays crops from West Africa and explains how the agriculture contributions of Black farmers shape our food and culture. Amyrose Foll & Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger share gardening tips you can use at home.
  • Visit Slade Farms in Surry to learn how Agrability and Small Farm Outreach programs offered by the Extension office keep Clif Slade doing what he loves. Explore Hidden Springs Family Farm in Palmyra with Barbara and Dewey Haines to talk about training programs to prepare military veterans for second careers as farmers. Amyrose Foll and Randy Battle share gardening tips you can use at home.