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Curious Commonwealth wins “Best Newcomer” at 2023 Champions of Curiosity Awards

Curious Commonwealth 2023 Champion of Curiosity
Curious Commonwealth won "Best Newcomer" at the 2023 Champion of Curiosity Awards

VPM is excited to announce that Curious Commonwealth has earned the “Best Newcomer Award” from Hearken at the 2023 Champions of Curiosity Awards. Whittney Evans, Megan Pauly and Ben Paviour of the VPM News team were each recognized for their contributions as part of the project.

Curious Commonwealth launched in 2023 and explores audience questions about Virginia — its quirks, its policies and its communities.

The Champions of Curiosity Awards is Hearken’s celebration of community listening, community building and needs-based service approaches that make the world a better place. Champions of curiosity improve their communities by asking better questions, doing better listening and creating better services and offerings for their audience, members and constituents.

You can read more about Curious Commonwealth’s award in this article from Hearken.