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What would you like to know about Virginia, its people, places and culture that you want VPM News to investigate?

Curious Commonwealth is a VPM News series that explores audience questions about Virginia — its quirks, its policies and its communities.

We’re asking our readers and listeners to send us their questions. We’ll dive down the rabbit hole, dig into the queries and tell the stories of Virginia’s people and places.

Are you wondering about the impacts of a Virginia law that generated a lot of commotion when it passed, but you’ve heard nothing about since? Is there a neighborhood, a building or a work of art that you’re dying to know more about? An unexplored piece of history that a Google search just can’t unravel?

Curious Commonwealth will deepen your understanding of Virginia, your community and your own backyard whether you’ve lived here your whole life or just arrived.

Fill out the form to the right and the VPM News team will reach out to let you know if your submission was chosen. We’d also love for your name and voice to be included in the story — but no pressure!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Whittney Evans.

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Will my question be selected?

Maybe! There is no guarantee that your question will be used for our segment. Our team will sort through submissions to choose a question that we think will be interesting to investigate. We will contact you to let you know if your question is selected.

Will my name or identity be used in the story?

Only if you want it to be. When we reach out to inform you that we chose your question, we’ll ask you if you want to be included in the story. We may want to interview you about why you submitted your question and follow up with you in the end. But that’s not required.