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Tagliata de Manzo con Rucola, Parma, e Pomodoro (Sliced Beef with Arugula, Parmesan, and Tomato)

Tagliata de Manzo con Rucola, Parma, e Pomodoro.jpg

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What You’ll Need:

  • 4 ounces extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely minced
  • ½ t. rosemary, finely minced
  • ½ t. salt
  • ¼ t. pepper
  • 2- 8 ounce Filet Mignon steaks
  • 4 ounces arugula
  • 10 to 12 cherry tomatoes
  • 2 ounces Parmesan cheese, shaved


Step 1:  In a small bowl, mix together the olive oil, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. Allow to stand for 10 minutes to release the aromatics into the oil. Strain the oil into a second small bowl and reserve the garlic and rosemary mixture.

Step 2: Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Prepare an oven-safe grill pan by spraying it lightly with a pan release and placing it on a burner over high heat.

Step 3: Blot the steak dry then rub liberally with the reserved garlic and rosemary mixture. Sprinkle lightly with additional salt and pepper. Place the steak on the hot grill pan and mark well on all sides. Place the grill pan in the oven and roast for approximately 8 minutes or until the steak reaches 135 degrees or your desired level of doneness. Remove from the oven and flip the steak to prevent overcooking on one side. Remove the steak after a couple of minutes and allow it to rest on a plate for approximately 10 minutes to allow the juices to relax into the meat.

Step 4: Place the arugula on a plate.

Step 5: Once rested, slice the steak top to bottom (through the steak the same way you would normally cut it once cooked) approximately ¼” to ½” thick. Fan onto the arugula and arrange the tomatoes on the plate. Drizzle the reserved infused olive oil and garnish with shaved Parmesan. Sprinkle with additional salt and pepper if needed.


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