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Explore green technology for the home landscape and forest management

A man in a gray shirt gestures toward three vintage electric lawnmowers as he talks about them with a woman in a blue coat.
Jim Coate shows off electric lawnmowers in his collection from Wheel Horse, GE, and Sears. He keeps vintage mowers like these from the 1970s running and encourages others reuse and recycle old technology.

Peggy Singlemann uncovers the history of electric lawn tractors with Jim Coate at the Electric Tractor Store in Waynesboro to learn how this eco-friendly lawn care option nearly caught on 50 years ago.

Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger visits with Lori Chamberlin and Jason Braunstein at Lesesne State Forest in Nelson County to see how the Virginia Department of Forestry uses drones to survey forest health and assist in fighting wildfires.

Joshua Dusci from the VSU College of Agriculture demonstrates how to grow with hydroponics in the studio.

Randy Battle and Peggy talk about simple tools to monitor moisture, temperature and pH in garden soil.

Shana Williams explains how to recycle chicken waste into a rich fertilizer for your garden. Serome Hamlin shares tips to provide habitat for native pollinators.

Leafy green vegetables grow in holes cut into the lid of plastic tub, their roots hang into water below.
Josh Duci shows root growth in a simple hydroponic set up built using the Kratky method, which does not require a pump.