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VPM’s community engagement highlights for March and April 2024

Richmond PRSA tour
Mary Arritt
Richmond PRSA members visited VPM headquarters on April 17 for a tour of the building and studios.

Each day, VPM sets out to educate, entertain and inspire the members of our community with robust and diverse content that is accessible to as many people as possible. It’s also important that our communities see themselves through the stories we tell. To accomplish these goals, members of the VPM staff engage with those communities to meet and collaborate with individuals and organizations that also seek to be a resource to all Virginians.

Below are some highlights of how VPM has served our communities over the last couple of months.

Festivals and Events

VPM was proud to partner with this year’s Virginia Festival of the Book, which took place from March 20-24. VPM’s Charlottesville headquarters took part in “Festival Friday” where it hosted Moderator Readings, allowing attendees to hear from several different authors.


VPM often welcomes groups of people at its Richmond headquarters for tours of the building and studios so that they can learn where some of their favorite content comes from.

On March 2, Sabot School 8th graders had the chance to visit VPM to learn about how the organization comes up with content ideas, obtains ideas from the community and creates content. The students also learned how to use the equipment in the control room, Studio B and radio studios.

On April 17, VPM welcomed PRSA Richmond to Sesame St. for a tour of the building and TV studios. Attendees had the chance to meet members of the VPM News Focal Point team, find out how to pitch ideas to VPM news, visit the TV studios and control room where all VPM’s broadcasts are produced, as well as learn how VPM is increasing its community impact.

Speaking Engagements

On April 9, VPM News reporter Keyris Manzaneres visited Reams Road Elementary to take part in Chesterfield County Public School’s “Principal for a Morning” program. She first shadowed the principal before talking to English as a second language (ESL) students about VPM’s programming and her role as a reporter for VPM News Focal Point.

On April 17, Jayme Swain, President & CEO of VPM and the Virginia Foundation for Public Media, joined CultureWorks Richmond at their April Coffee Hour to discuss VPM’s new downtown headquarters. Swain engaged the audience in a conversation about what to expect from VPM’s new building and solicited ideas about what to include from the audience.

A few days later, Swain also moderated a conversation about the Supreme Court at The Richmond Forum between legal affairs journalists Jan Crawford and Kimberley Strassel. Several topics were discussed, including pressing cases on the docket, the First Amendment, friendships between Supreme Court justices and more.

VPM continues to strive toward connecting with the members of our community to create a more informed and empathetic Commonwealth. If you have any questions about VPM’s work in the community, please contact Mary Arritt, VPM’s Community Engagement Manager.

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