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In Your Ear Episode 55: Miramar

three singers

All over Latin America, there are picturesque places with postcard views of the ocean named Miramar, which is literally Spanish for sea view. And if there is music playing, it’s likely to be a breezy, romantic bolero, a style that emerged from Cuba at the beginning of the 20th century.  Based here in Richmond, the group named Miramar led by Puerto Rican singer Rei Alvarez wanted his bolero ensemble to reflect the simple poetry of everyday life and provide a romantic snapshot of a place both near and far away from home. Rei would enlist Chilean American Marlysse Simmons on keyboards for her writing and arranging gifts and RVA favorite  Laura Ann Singh on vocals, a Tennessee native who spent may formative years in Brazil singing bossa nova.  Rei, Marlysse and Laura Ann were accompanied in Studio A by Brian Vargas on guitar, Rusty Farmer on upright bass, and Hector Barez on percussion.  This program features highlights from Miramar’s February 22nd, 2018 appearance in Studio A.

In Your Ear offers a chance to discover new artists and appreciate the “in the moment” creativity and inspiration that only live music can provide. Studio A is a “great room,” a haven for artists with intimate, friendly and informed audiences and peerless audio fidelity, thanks to engineers Carlos Chafin, Andrea Stefl and Paul Bruski. JAMinc president Tim Timberlake produces the programs covering a wide range of genres including bluegrass, jazz, blues, old time, Celtic, gospel and singer-songwriters of many styles. Artists range from superior local and regional talents, to premier acts from all over the country. Concerts are held monthly except during the summer and begin with a delicious pot luck buffet in the lobby. Check our website for information and reservations:

Production funding of In Your Ear is made possible in part by... Digital Video Group, Infinity Financial Partners, Threshold Counsel PC, Virginia Humanities /Virginia Folklife Program, the members of 88.9 WCVE Richmond Public Radio and JAMinc founder Wally Thulin. Artist accommodations courtesy of the Graduate Hotel Richmond at Madison and Franklin.

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