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Bluegrass Music Hall of Famer, Tony Rice

studio music session
Photo courtesy of JAMinc.

On this 4th edition of Page's Kitchen, our most welcome kitchen guests are giants in the world of acoustic music, a hand-picked group of world class musicians that spent many years supporting one of most influential and revered guitarists of any genre, Tony Rice.

Tony’s jazz-influenced flat-picking style on "the antique,” his 1935 Clarence White Martin herringbone, was often imitated but never duplicated. His warm baritone voice further endeared him to generations of admirers as he took the bluegrass template and pioneered a sound all his own.

This live session was recorded in early June of 1991, a few years before he would tragically lose that singing voice to muscle tension dysphonia. A 2013 inductee into the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame, Tony Rice passed away last Christmas Day. So it’s especially poignant to hear these beautifully captured moments featuring Tony in his prime, supported by his super-group of A-list players and a couple of very special guests.

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