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World Music Show celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Angelica Garcia
Former local RVA musician is one of the many musicians we'll feature on this weekend's World Music Show to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. (Photo: Crixell Matthews/VPM News)

On the World Music Show for 9/24, we’ll celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by featuring a bunch of great Latin musicians from all over the world including right here in Richmond. Plus, we’ll check out some Latin Grammy nominations and winners from past events and dip into some film music.

On the World Music Show, we don’t need a special month to honor and celebrate all the great music coming from Latin artists–we do this on a regular basis. But when there’s a month designated to honor a culture, we don’t mind jumping on the bandwagon to highlight some great artists and music. 

Besides to that tidbit of what to expect, we’ll also hear some new music–including new tracks from the Ethiopian musician Minyeshu and friend of the show, Antonis Antoniou, who is the leader of the Cyprus band Monsieur Doumani; Plus, and a new to me artist, Momi Maiga, who’s from Senegal will be featured too.

Plus we’ll drop some new Reggae from the Ghanian legend and Good Will Ambassador Rocky Dawuni and his new song “Neva Back Down.”

On to some great Latin music now, including from some who’ve won some Grammy awards.



Los Lobos - Angels with Dirty Faces


The band out of East Los Angeles, who got their start playing backyard parties and would also fill the bill with punk legends X, have been nominated for 12 Grammys and have won 4. This is a live performance. 

Café Tacvba - FUTURO

Like Los Lobos, this long running band out of Mexico has been playing and creating some really unique Rock and Roll as well as Alt-Rock. This video is a must watch.

Quetzal - Pillow People

I just can’t get enough of playing this track from their album The Eternal Get Down. Like Los Lobos, they too are from East L.A. and have won some Grammy awards–though, not as many as Los Lobos.

El Mató a un Policía Motorizado - Rey del Terror

This Alt-rock band from Argentina has been playing together since 2003 and they keep getting better and better. They’re up for a Grammy this year for Best Rock Record.

Alex Cuba - El Día de Hoy

Alex Cuba has been nominated and won multiple Grammys and when you listen to his smooth voice and even more beautiful guitar playing, you’ll see why.

Bomba Estéreo - Soy Yo

This Columbian band, who won a Grammy for this video, just released (well, earlier this year now) a new album after a long hiatus–actually, after this song came out and that album is also nominated for some Grammys. Check out this really fun/catchy video.

Angelica Garcia - It Don't Hinder Me

Former local RVA musician Angelica Garcia hasn’t won a Grammy–yet–but she should. She did make former President Barack Obama’s music list after her album “Cha Cha Palace” came out. Garcia is multi-talented, fierce, outspoken for Latin and immigrant rights and does some great harmonies too. Go search out my interview with her here on the World Music Page.

Bio Ritmo - Pajaro Pio Pio - Live at Tropicalia!

Local Salsa funk band Bio Ritmo is about to celebrate 30 years of playing some amazing music. Over the years, band members show up in different bands–like Miramar or go solo–like Hector “Coco” Barez, but through it all they stick together and keep knocking gigs out of the park. They’ll be celebrating their anniversary at Hardywood next month with a dance party.

The World Music Show can be streamed Saturday nights from 6-8pm via this website or tune in locally to VPM Music at 93.1 or 107.3FM

Ian M. Stewart is the transportation reporter and fill-in anchor for VPM News.