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ADMISSIBLE: SHREDS OF EVIDENCE investigates controversial era of forensic science at Virginia crime lab

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Without confidence in evidence, our faith in the criminal legal system crumbles. A new investigative podcast co-produced by VPM, Story Mechanics and iHeartPodcasts is shining a light on how evidence itself is often flawed, disputed or even manipulated.

ADMISSIBLE: SHREDS OF EVIDENCE looks back at how evidence testing went awry at the Virginia state crime lab in the 1970s and 80s, and the ramifications that continue to the present day. Hosted by reporter Tessa Kramer, ADMISSIBLE premieres February 7.

In the first season of ADMISSIBLE, Kramer investigates the story of 13 men who were exonerated thanks to the miraculous discovery of biological evidence that had been preserved by forensic scientist Mary Jane Burton and stashed away for decades in a Virginia records facility. Burton was hailed as a hero for saving the evidence. Many speculated that she’d foreseen a future in which DNA testing could deliver more accurate convictions and clear the innocent. But when a former coworker disputes that narrative, a pattern of questionable practices and shadowy motives begins to emerge.

“In so many stories about the criminal legal system, forensic science is one chapter in a bigger story – one scene in a police procedural or one episode in a true crime podcast,” said Kramer. “What I love about our first season of ADMISSIBLE is that the crime lab is the story, and the people who work in the lab are the main characters. Through my reporting, I’ve learned so much about what actually happens in a forensic lab, and I hope that listeners – especially true crime lovers – will come away with new questions about evidence and proof.”

Kramer has spent several years as a reporter and narrative audio producer. Her interest in the criminal legal system stemmed from her work on the CNN documentary series Death Row Stories. While she was pursuing her master's degree from Columbia Journalism School, Kramer began reporting on the story that would eventually become ADMISSIBLE: SHREDS OF EVIDENCE.

ADMISSIBLE will also feature reporting from VPM News reporter Ben Paviour and editor Whittney Evans.

"Working on ADMISSIBLE, I combed through gubernatorial archives, dug into forgotten forensic reports and interviewed U.S. senators,” said Paviour. “I dug deep into the story of Earl Washington, Jr. -- an innocent man who came within nine days of being executed because of bad policing, shoddy forensics and fraught politics. The series shows how our most trusted crime-fighting tools can't escape the shortcomings of the people and society using them."

Distributed by iHeartPodcasts, new episodes of ADMISSIBLE will be released every Tuesday on the iHeartRadio app and all podcast platforms. For more information, visit

Listen to the first two episodes of ADMISSIBLE here.

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