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VPM Daily Newscast: June 23, 2023

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VPM Daily Newscast

VPM Daily Newscast: June 23, 2023

The VPM Daily Newscast contains all your Central Virginia news in just 5 to 10 minutes. Episodes are recorded the night before.

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Here’s a recap of the top stories on the morning of June 23, 2023:   

A regional look at abortion access, one year after the fall of Roe v. Wade
Reported by VPM News’ Whittney Evans

In the South, abortion access is a shifting landscape. Roe v. Wade was overturned this week last year, freeing up states to limit or ban the procedure.

Several Southern states have restricted the procedure in the past year, and other restrictions will soon take effect. As a result, Virginia will soon take on an emerging migration of people seeking access to abortion.

Supreme Court ruling affects Indigenous adoption in Virginia
Reported by VPM News’ Sterling Barbett

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled 7–2 against challenges to the Indian Child Welfare Act on the basis of racial discrimination.

The act gives adoption priority to a Native child’s extended family, followed by other members from the same tribe, and then members of another tribe. Only once those are exhausted are non-Native families eligible.

An expert in Indigenous law told VPM News overturning or striking down ICWA would have threatened Virginia Indian groups’ tribal sovereignty.

In other news: 

In case you missed it: 

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