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VPM Daily Newscast: Oct. 9, 2023

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VPM Daily Newscast

The VPM Daily Newscast contains all your Central Virginia news in just 5 to 10 minutes. Episodes are recorded the night before.

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Here’s a recap of the top stories on the morning of Oct. 9, 2023:   

Federal judge permits rights restoration lawsuit against Gov. Glenn Youngkin
Reported by VPM News’ Ben Paviour

Virginia is the only state where people convicted of any felony lose their right to vote, serve on a jury and run for office — unless the governor restores it. The past three governors laid out clear criteria for restoring rights. Gov. Glenn Youngkin has not, a move attorneys for George Hawkins Jr. argue violates his First Amendment rights.

Hawkins is a Richmond resident who was released from prison in May after serving a 13-year sentence for attempted murder and aggravated malicious wounding. He told reporters he has no insight into why the administration blocked his rights restoration application for a second time — news he said he’d learned days before Friday’s hearing.

Jamestown archeologists discover 17th-century well
Reported by WHRO News’ Laura Philion

With the surrounding James River encroaching on what could be valuable historic evidence, time is of the essence for archaeologists and preservationists to dig what they can from gray Jamestown mud.

Finding the well was the highlight of archaeologist Natalie Reid’s three years working there. She heard the bricks of the structure before she saw them.

“And I immediately realized there was either a well or a foundation here, but it was going to be something big — and it was indescribable,” Reid said.

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