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School Safety Bills Expected to Clear House


Several pieces of legislation linked to school safety are expected to clear Virginia’s House chamber this week.

Republican House Speaker Kirk Cox taught government for 30 years and says he knows firsthand how much students and teachers deal with on a daily basis.

“And the last thing they need to do while learning is to be worried about their safety,” said Cox.

Republican Delegate Nick Rush wants Virginia school districts to factor crime prevention into school design. To do that, he’d like to require someone with training in that area to sign off on plans for new or remodeled schools in the Commonwealth.

“We need to make sure we’re focusing on school security before the school doors even open. Security starts with the design of the school,” Rush said.

But the details of how legislators plan to pay for everything on their wish list, from more testing coordinators to more funding for school security grants, still have to be worked out.

Megan Pauly reports on early childhood and higher education news in Virginia
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