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Dominion Announces Plans For the Country’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

Offshore Wind Farm.
Offshore Wind Farm. (Photo: Dominion Energy)

Dominion Energy has announced plans for the largest offshore wind generating farm in the country. 

Dominion says it is moving ahead with the offshore wind farm in the wake of Governor Northam’s new goal that Virginia generate 100 percent of its electricity from carbon neutral sources by 2050.

"If approved, it would include more than 220 wind turbines off the east coast of Virginia," said Dominion Spokesperson Samantha Moore. "That would power 650 thousand homes with clean energy by 2026."

The project requires approval from several agencies, including the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the SCC.

"We’ve taken a critical first step towards moving forward with the largest offshore wind project in the United States."

 The company disclosed its plans in a filing with the 13-state PMJ Power grid and will begin ocean surveys of the 112 thousand acres it leases from the federal government next year.


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