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"Rumors of War" Unveiled in Times Square

"Rumors of War"
"Rumors of War" (Photo: Jon Kalish)

In Times Square Friday, artist Kehinde Wiley unveiled his first large-scale public sculpture, which will be moved to the VMFA in December.

Wiley got the idea for the sculpture after experiencing what it was like as a black man walking down Richmond’s Monument Avenue.

“I’m looking up at those things that give me a sense of dread and fear, what does that feel like to walk a public space and have your state, your country, your nation say ‘this is what we stand by.’ No!”

This is Kehinde Wiley's first public work of art.

"Without further ado, I think it's time to unveil something."

“Rumors of War” is about 30 feet tall and shows a black man in a hoodie pull back the reins of a muscular horse - in the same pose at the JEB Stuart statue. The statue comes to Richmond in December, where it will be placed outside the VMFA.

*Jon Kalish provided the audio for this story.


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