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Shell Shock 1919: How The Great War Changed Culture

Gassed by John Singer Sargent
"Gassed" by John Singer Sargent (1919)

Shell Shock 1919 is a program examining the persistent impact of the losses and shock of the First World War on art, culture and society. Among the stories: the Dada movement, and the unexpected seriousness of its seemingly nonsensical creations; the Cenotaph, and how it grew from temporary cardboard structure to widely celebrated war memorial of London; the artist Anna Coleman Ladd, and the tin masks she created for soldiers defaced in the war; the birth of the Harlem Renaissance; the growth of jazz -and more.

Join us for VPM Forum, Sunday November 10 at 6:00 p.m. on VPM News, 88.9 FM.

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