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Deadline Approaching for Windows 7 Support

Close of up a laptop being worked on with the Windows 7 desktop display shown
Becky Miller, Computer Md, Mechanicsville (Photo: Charles Fishburne)

In less than two weeks, Windows 7 users will no longer get support from Microsoft. While the computer operating system is aging out, it’s still popular among many.

The “I-T” publication Computerworld says about 417 million computers worldwide are still using Windows 7 and users don’t want to change.

Becky Miller:  Most of my clientele are older folks

Becky Miller runs a small computer repair shop in Mechanicsville

Miller:  And they are playing solitaire and checking their Facebook. No, they do not need to worry.

At least not yet. Research by security vendor Kaspersky says the risks of being on the unsupported OS are huge, especially for businesses.

There will be upgrades available, but it’ll cost you. Miller says many of her customers are confused and concerned.

Miller: I think I’m going to end up with a flood of phone calls.

Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 starting on January 14th. 


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