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From 'Runaway, Runaways'

Runaway, runaway, runaway.

I hired me a black boy named Nathan, ten or eleven years old. I took possession of him and was very much pleased. He was obedient, active, and intelligent, far beyond most boys of his age. In about two weeks he ran away. I had an iron collar made and put a large padlock on it. On the same night he eloped again.

A Negro boy named Joshua ran away from me. On that night my blacksmith shop was burned down between the hours of eleven and twelve. He returned to my neighborhood and remained concealed until the night. That night my stable was burnt down.

This application to the Supreme Court is to ask for a permit to sell.

We petition the State for the privilege of shooting and destroying all Runaway slaves who may Refuse to submit to said Authority. The remedy suggested is that authority shall be given by law to kill any slave runaways while lying out in the woods, swamps, and other secret places.

Run, run, runaway, RUNAWAY!

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