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International Travel Bargains at a Glance

Recommendations from Don George, global travel editor for the Lonely Planet travel guide series, and Laura Kidder, editorial director for Fodor Travel:

In Europe:

The Baltic region -- Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania stand out for their beautiful architecture, particularly in the countries' capital cities of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius (respectively), vibrant nightlife, and history, cuisine and culture that rival Western Europe -- at a much lower price.

Portugal, Lisbon -- The city remains relatively inexpensive compared to elsewhere in Western Europe. Among its offerings are beautiful architecture, history, a strong tradition of crafts and great shopping. As well, the beaches and mountains are easily accessible.

Croatia -- Among other things, Croatia is notable for great food at reasonable prices.

In Mexico and South America:

Mexico -- The country's Pacific coast is beautiful, and Yelapa, a small town outside Puerto Vallarta, is a particularly nice, sleepy and laidback destination.

Brazil -- The country is another lower-cost alternative to Europe, with great architecture, history, cuisine and culture.

Argentina -- It may be winter, but what would be cooler than skiing in July?

In North America:

Montreal -- There is a good exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Canada, and the city is very cosmopolitan, featuring lovely architecture and a jazz festival at the end of June and beginning of July.

In Asia:

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam -- Southeast Asia remains extremely popular and traveler-friendly, but travelers should be aware that monsoon season varies across the region and should check beforehand.

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