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Practice Pays Off in Competitive Path at Juilliard

We caught up with Greg Anderson six years after his original appearance on From the Top. He was accepted into Juilliard University's incredibly competitive undergraduate piano department and is now finishing up his Master's degree.

"It's my sixth year at Juilliard and I've loved it," he says. "The energy is so exciting. Everyone is so passionate about what they're doing and I've found it to be so inspiring."

Greg has been doing a great deal of composing as of late, and recently was asked to compose a fantasy on themes from Star Wars inspired by the music of John Williams.

He also had the unique (and completely unrelated) experience of winning an internship to work on the movie set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

"I won a free trip to London and worked on set with the props, actors, costumes and visual effects, and got a feel for a how a movie was created," he says. "They filmed me interning and it was shown on MTV."

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