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Katherine Gerdes: Lego my iPod

Katherine Gerdes' iPod Extravaganza
Katherine Gerdes' iPod Extravaganza
Katherine Gerdes' Lego Costume
Katherine Gerdes' Lego Costume

For adults, Season Three's Katherine Gerdes likes subtle costumes.

"One of the best costumes I saw was this guy at a party," she says, "who was wearing a suit with just a hint of a blue t-shirt poking out. He was Clark Kent."

For kids, however, Katherine suggests going all out. "My mom always made my Halloween costumes," she says. "When I was five, I went as a mouse. I had big ears and a floppy tail." That was her all-time favorite.

Here are Katherine's ideas for a Lego costume and an iPod costume for parent and child:

Lego Kid:

1. Cut out the bottom of a cardboard box.

2. Cut out arm and neck holes.

3. Hot glue six small plastic containers or cups to the front of the box.

4. Spray paint the box your favorite Lego color.

5. Wear matching T-shirt and leggings.

Team iPod:


Wear all one color (preferably as bright as possible).

Attach a sheet that's the same color to your wrists and ankles.

Spread arms and legs to create a "backdrop."


Wear all black.

Listen to your iPod.

Dance in front of parent.

Get lots of candy!

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