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A Touch of Class on Glass

A tube of pewter glass paint can turn a plain glass canister into a classy gift. Fill the jars with toppings for sundaes and bits of brownies -- everybody's all-time favorite comfort foods. And the canisters are dishwasher safe and handsome enough to keep out on the counter long after the original goodies are gone.

What You'll Need:

Vitrea 160 by Pebeo, a transparent outliner, in pewter (from the craft store, or visit to locate a retailer), 1 tube for every 2-3 jars

Lidded glass jars or canisters, recycled and cleaned, or purchase new from retail or craft stores, or on the Web, i.e.,;

What to Do:

1. Wash glass canister with soapy water and dry it completely.

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