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Michel Martin Speaks with the FBI's John Miller:

How did you start these conversations?

On a rocky path. We began our contact with the Arab and Muslim communities in particular in December 2005.

Are there any other groups with whom you have these kinds of relationships?

Through the Community Outreach unit, we're in the midst of some major meetings with African-American ministers. On the Eastern seaboard, right now we deal with the Hispanic community. But I put outreach to Arab-American and Muslim groups as a top priority because I think you have to focus your efforts where gaps in trust are widest.

Are there any concerns that your relationships might marginalize people in their standing in the community?

Well, we're not talking about snitching. Snitching is when your friend steals a piece of candy in a deli and you run and tell the teacher about it. When someone identifies an individual or a group of people who are going to commit mass murder, the person who holds back that information becomes complicit ... and many people are going to die.

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