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Little League Players Mixed on Bonds' Feat


Now, if this news leaves you with mixed feelings, then you have something in common with some Little Leaguers.


INSKEEP: We stopped by a baseball camp and a rec center in Washington D.C. to get a Little League perspective on Barry Bonds and the chase for the record.

CAMERON CUSBECK: My name is Cameron Cusbeck and I am 13 years old. I definitely think that Barry Bonds took steroids. And Hank Aaron, he kind of painted a masterpiece with his career. And Barry Bonds is kind of just painting over it.

WILLIAM RASHEED GIBBS: My name is William Rasheed Gibbs. And I'm going to be talking about my man Barry Bonds. He is such a legend. He - to me he's like better than Babe Ruth, man.

GREN DOLBY: My name is Gren Dolby and I'm 12 years old. Although Barry Bonds I think did take steroids, I still think that getting to 756 career homeruns is a big milestone for anybody.

INSKEEP: Barry Bonds' chase for the homerun record, as analyzed by Little League players. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.