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Melissa Spurr's Spam con Cerveza

Spam can
Howard Yoon for NPR /


12 to 36 cans of Modelo beer (Pacifico is also OK, but less thrifty)

1 can of Spam

1 avocado (if available)

1 tomato (optional)

Fresh tortillas (always available in Mexico)


Find a nice, secluded beach on any Mexican coast. When your vehicle becomes mired in sand on the access road, open a few cans of Modelo, drink them, and go surfing. After a day of surfing, open more cans of Modelo, pass them around, and drink them. Pitch your tent before opening more Modelos.

Then build a beach bonfire. Open Spam can. Open more cans of beer. Fill the Spam can to the rim with beer and place it in the fire, and drink the remaining beer. Cook the Spam in beer for 15 minutes.

In the meantime, cut up the avocados and tomatoes and place them on the tortillas. Remove the Spam can from the fire, using a towel as an oven mitt, and remove the Spam from the can, shoveling it out with a pocket knife, and divide the Spam among the tortillas. Fold up the tortillas and enjoy with a can of beer.

The following morning, clean up beer cans, attempt to liberate vehicle from sand, give up and attempt to ride one of the ubiquitous wild Baja donkeys. After being thrown violently off donkey, drink another beer if any remain. Walk to the main road, and hitch a ride to the nearest market in the back of a rancher's truck. Buy more Spam con Cerveza ingredients, and repeat.

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