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Nigella Lawson Offers Time-Saving Holiday Tips

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson shares some of the secrets from her new cookbook, Nigella Express: 130 Recipes for Good Food, Fast.

The collection of speedy recipes and clever short cuts comes in handy during the hectic holiday season. Lawson reminds hosts that entertaining is supposed to be fun.

"I am a food writer," Lawson says, "but I really think that if food is the most important thing at your house, something's wrong."

Lawson says hosts often lose sight of goal of entertaining: to enjoy good company and good conversation. Food should facilitate — not get in the way — of that goal, she says.

"I think that we've all either given dinners, or gone to them where someone has been so stressed that the tension in the room is palpable," Lawson says. "You could have the best meal you've ever, ever eaten in your life but in that atmosphere, it's not going to taste so good.

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