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Iowans Kick off Presidential Voting Season


We have put together a quiz for you this morning. See if you can identify all five of the voices you are about to hear.


Here's a hint. The voices are very familiar to people in Iowa.

Mr. MITT ROMNEY (Former Republican Governor of Massachusetts; Presidential Candidate): Go out there and get your friends. Get everybody you can. Make the calls.

Mr. JOHN EDWARDS (Former Democratic Senator North Carolina; Presidential Candidate): I'm asking every one of you to go to the caucus. I'm asking you to caucus for me and…

Senator BARACK OBAMA (Democrat, Illinois; Presidential Candidate): I know it's cold outside but I'm fired up.

(Soundbite of crowd cheering)

Sen. OBAMA: I'm ready to go.

Unidentified Group: Ready to go.

Sen. OBAMA: Are you ready to go?

Senator HILLARY CLINTON (Democrat, New York; Presidential Candidate): Put on your coat. Warm up the car. Call your friends. Come to out to caucus tomorrow night and gather…

Senator JOHN McCAIN (Republican, Arizona; Presidential Candidate): People from all over the world, they're here in Iowa, watching this process because they know you are playing a key role in the selection of the next leader of the world.

MONTAGNE: And here are the answers: Mitt Romney, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Just some of the presidential candidates hoping for a good showing in tonight's caucuses.

INSKEEP: Iowans meet in person tonight. They gather at places like Grantwood Elementary and CJ's Bar & Grill.

MONTAGNE: They've been encouraged to wear their mittens for Mitt.

INSKEEP: Or to quote, "Highjack a Church Bus and Caucus for Mike Huckabee." Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.