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Mocha Moms Talk Healthy Cooking

Obesity is on the rise among children, especially young people of color. The Mocha Moms talk about ways to keep their children at a healthy weight. And chef George Stella, author of George Stella's Livin' Low Carb, offers tips on how to cook healthy and get your kids involved in the process.

George Stella, a long-time chef, used to weigh nearly 470 pounds and his family was all overweight. After he discovered healthy low-carb eating, he lost nearly half his weight and his family dropped pounds too.

Now Stella is on a healthy food mission. He's a chef on the Food Network and the spokesman for Kids in the Kitchen, a program that teaches young people about good eating habits. Hear his tips on how to get your kids excited about cooking and how to use nutritious ingredients, while making food that your family will love.

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