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Excerpt: 'Six-Word Memoirs On Love & Heartbreak'

Red-eye. Him window. Me aisle. Love.
- Joanne Flynn Black

If I get Chlamydia, blame MySpace.
- Hanorah Slocum

Will government ever let us marry?
- Viki Marsh

Silently suffered his facial hair experiments.
- Elizabeth Minkel

Three marriages. Two divorces. BA .333.
- Ron Carmean

What do you want for dinner?
- Drew Magary

If only he wasn't a Republican.
- Holly Fitzpatrick

Tried men. Tried women. Like cats.
- Dona Bumgarner

Leap of faith. Shit, no parachute.
- Katherine Yunker

Inevitably, his obituary didn't mention me.
- R. Sue Dodea

We "I do" -ed. Then he didn't.
- Lisa Parrack

Palindromantically: Eros saw I was sore.
- Aaron Fagan

Two marriages. The wrong one died.
- Anne Hamilton

Best family ever. Thank you,!
- Alexa Young

Marriage, children, empty nest: Now what?
- Oliver House

Excerpted from Six-Word Memoirs On Love And Heartbreak from Smith magazine, edited by Rachel Fershleiser and Larry Smith. Copyright 2009. Reproduced with permission of the publisher, Harper Perennial.

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