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Tell Us Your Stories

We're looking for the women who are leading the meetings and the girls who are breaking new ground: the famous, the infamous, the unknown and the unsung. Call us at 202-408-9576. Use the comments section below to share your stories. Or send us dispatches through Twitter @kitchensisters using the hashtag #hiddenworldofgirls.

We also want to document rituals girls undergo across the world. What rites of passage do they face? What trails have they blazed? What kinds of secrets do they keep? Upload your pictures to Flickr or upload videos on YouTube.

Share Using YouTube:

Tag your videos with the keyword hiddenworldofgirls.

Share Using Flickr:

Step 1: If you're not a member yet, join Flickr. It doesn't cost anything to join, though if you want to use it to share a lot of photos — i.e., hundreds or thousands — you may want to purchase a Pro account.

Step 2: Upload pics you'd like to share with the Hidden World of Girls group. (If you're having trouble uploading, consult Flickr's help guide.)

Step 3. Go to the Hidden World of Girls group and click "join this group." Confirm your membership.

Step 4: Find a photo from your collection that you'd like to add to the group. Between the title of the photo and the photo itself, you'll see a series of tabs. Click "Send to Group," then select "Hidden World of Girls."

And that's it; you're done. Your photo will now be included in the group collection.

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