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The Albums We Missed In 2010

Artists We Missed

This week, NPR Music launches its extensive coverage of the best music of 2010. (Look for that starting Wednesday.) But before we get too deep into our favorites of the past year, we thought we'd take a minute to check out some of the amazing recordings we missed on All Songs Considered.

For whatever reason, these songs didn't quite fit into our weekly shows in 2010, but we love them nonetheless. In this edition of the show, we listen to some new favorites, including soul singer and rapper Aloe Blacc, experimental rock artist Tobacco and the tribal beats of Glasser. We also sample some vastly different musical styles, from Khaira Arby's Malian desert rock to Mount Kimbie's "post-dub-step" music, Dean & Britta's soundtrack to Andy Warhol's postmodern '60s screen tests and more.

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