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Adios 2010: Alt.Latino Salutes The Albums Of The Year

This has been a good year for Alt.Latino. We started a weekly program to showcase great new alternative and rock music from across the Latin world, as well as a blog in which we update you on music news and happenings. People sometimes ask us if it's hard to build a show from scratch, and while the answer is a resounding "yes," 2010 has been a great year to do it. It was a year of amazing releases from Argentina to Mexico, and from the Caribbean to Spain.

This was also a year in which we made a lot of good friends, so when we decided to do our "Best of 2010" show, we invited one of them: Ernesto Lechner, co-host of WEXT's The Latin Alternative and author of Rock En Español: The Latin Alternative Rock Explosion. We asked him to pick a handful of his favorite albums of 2010, and together, we chose and discussed our favorites.

The result reflects an eclectic mix of musical tastes. We've got a duo of Puerto Rican rabble-rousers, an Argentine producer whose music is like a voyage across the Americas, a Mexican singer who cast her spell on us all and a Dominican singing bachata in Japan. We didn't all agree on each other's selections, but that made the conversation even more interesting.

To see Alt.Latino's full list of song selections, click here. And, as always, we invite you to offer your own selections. What did we miss? What were your favorite albums of 2010?

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Jasmine Garsd
Jasmine Garsd is an Argentine-American journalist living in New York. She is currently NPR's Criminal Justice correspondent and the host of The Last Cup. She started her career as the co-host of Alt.Latino, an NPR show about Latin music. Throughout her reporting career she's focused extensively on women's issues and immigrant communities in America. She's currently writing a book of stories about women she's met throughout her travels.