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Emily Barocas is now NPR's Deputy Managing Editor, Digital

Courtesy of Emily Barocas

In a note to newsroom staff, VP and executive editor Eva Rodriguez made the following announcement:

I’m delighted to announce that Emily Barocas has been promoted to Deputy Managing Editor, Digital. In this role, Emily will continue to be a key driver of strategy for the NPR app and she’ll retain NPR’s newsletter portfolio. She will also take stewardship of’s homepage, a structural change that allows us to optimize the audience experiences on our owned and operated platforms.

Emily and her team will work with colleagues across the Content division and the organization to ensure that NPR’s owned and operated platforms offer audiences an exciting, informative and entertaining experience that meets their needs and interests throughout the day and week. They’ll continue to partner with the Growth & Engagement teams to make informed decisions about how to best serve those audiences and how to craft platforms that keep them coming back to public radio. By centralizing the owned and operated platform team we’ll be able to create an eco-system that allows us to serve and engage these loyal audiences and their daily media needs. 

Emily’s team will continue to work closely with our Member stations to help them make the most of their local content in the NPR One flow as well as exploring opportunities to extend localized content presentations to more of our owned and operated platforms.

She will also collaborate with product and editorial leadership to develop a consistent strategy on these platforms that highlights the best content from the NPR network, attracts new audiences and encourages deeper engagement and loyalty with the core digital audiences there.

This reorganization means that Emily will now report to Executive Editor Eva Rodriguez until a Managing Editor for Audience, Growth and Engagement is hired. She’ll also have a dotted line to Joel Sucherman, VP of Audio Platforms on the Network Growth team.

Emily has spent in total more than 12 years across two stints at NPR, working as an Assistant Editor for Susan Stamberg and on Morning Edition early in her career. She returned to curate for and eventually manage the NPR One team. In that role, she was the editorial lead on the recently completed unification of our mobile apps and the expansion of NPR One on Alexa devices. And, she stood up NPR One’s first original content team to create listening experiences specifically for a younger digital listening audience. She’s also worked with teams around the organization including Up First and Consider This to launch new newsletter products.

Emily lives in Montclair, N.J., with her husband, two sons and two dogs. She will work remotely from there with frequent visits to Washington, D.C. and the New York Bureau.


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Eva Rodriguez
Eva Rodriguez is Vice President and Executive Editor at NPR. In this role, she oversees NPR's global newsgathering operation including reporters based internationally, across the country and in Washington, D.C. She serves as the senior editorial leader for all of NPR's platforms, news desks and beats, including desk editors, reporters, correspondents and associated production staff.