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Headshot of Kathryn Fink

Kathryn Fink

Kathryn Fink is a producer with NPR's All Things Considered.

She began her public radio career as a producer for 1A, which sealed her fate as a devotee of daily news. After nearly five years at 1A, she left for Bloomberg News, where she launched and oversaw their flagship daily news podcast, The Big Take. Elsewhere, she's published work in The Washington Post, Slate and DCist. She's thrilled to be back in the NPR stratosphere.

Fink loves covering life's oddities. She's interviewed yawping jousters at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. She's recorded the static buzz of the largest supercomputer in the world. She's shadowed DC's rodent control team during a routine rat extermination.

Fink grew up on the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia. Outside working hours, you can find her making hyper-realistic food earrings out of clay, researching the deathcare industry, or reading Pete the Cat books with elementary school students. Oh, and she does a mean Gollum impression.