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Join Ed Clark from the Wildlife Center of Virginia as he discusses a wide range of wildlife conservation issues.

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How do wildlife survive the tougher winter months?

With cold temperatures and fewer food resources, the winter season can be challenging for many wild animals. Some animals migrate to different areas, some hunker down for a long winter’s nap, and some simply continue their daily activities. Join Ed Clark, the WCV staff, and other conservation professionals as they discuss how a variety of wildlife survive the often-harsh conditions of winter.
(Season 4, Episode 8)

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Meet the Team

Ed Clark has been a renowned national and international conservation leader for more than forty years. As the Co-founder and President of the Wildlife Center of Virginia since 1982, he has led the organization to become the world’s leading teaching and research hospital for wildlife and conservation medicine.

Amanda Nicholson is the director of outreach at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, where she oversees the department responsible for public education and community involvement. Amanda loves the dynamic nature of the ever-changing activities going on at a wildlife hospital and sharing the Wildlife Center’s mission and stories with others.

Clay Bretz is a TV producer and independent filmmaker who has been helping people tell their stories for over twenty years. Producing UNTAMED has allowed him to combine his extensive production skills with his love for the great outdoors.


UNTAMED is hosted by Ed Clark, President and Co-Founder of The Wildlife Center of Virginia, one of the world's leading teaching and research hospitals for wildlife and conservation medicine. In the series, Clark takes us behind the scenes where diagnosing and treating the injuries of its patients is just the beginning of the Center’s investigative and conservation work. The team of wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians strives to identify and address the threats and hazards that cause harm to wildlife in the first place—issues ranging from human activities to environmental contamination to emerging wildlife disease.


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