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Holocaust Survivor Frank Shatz | Keeping Kids Safe From Predators

Virginia Currents

Meet Frank Shatz, who escaped from a Nazi slave labor camp during the Holocaust. He then joined the underground anti-Nazi movement and helped provide false identification papers to Jewish people to would help to keep them from being sent to concentration camps.

Patrick Siewert, owner of Digital Forensic Consulting and a court-certified expert witness in mobile device forensics & online undercover investigation gives some tips to Amy Lacey for parents to help keep their kids safe from predators while online gaming and on social media.

Meet an individual who identifies as “freegan” to find out how dumpster diving is a way of sustainable living for some people and cuts down on excess in the landfills too.  This freegan tells us going through dumpsters in a respectful, non-messy manner often can yield foods that, although past their expiration date, are suitable for their family pets.  Some food recovered, like bags of potato chips, are still edible for the whole family.  This freegan has found toys in great condition along with housewares and more.

A playful and endearing look at a free educational farm that teaches young children and families how to care for animals and the environment. Witness llamas, tortoises, chickens, pigs, cows and emu up close at Bluebird Gap Farm.

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