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Getting Right With Our History; Fighting Toxic Masculinity

Virginia Museum of History and Culture

Getting Right With Our History
As the Commonwealth commemorates 400 years of events that define our nation’s history, we discuss the responsibility of museums to tell our history accurately and empathetically when we visit American Civil War Museum and the Virginia Museum of History & Culture. We begin the story with the historic dedication of Arthur Ashe Boulevard.

Helping Latino Immigrants Thrive
As Virginia experiences a spike in the Latino population, more and more people are using services from groups like Conexiones and the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to get on their paths. We talk with a Mexico native who relied on resources just a few years ago and now runs a lunch program for children in Chesterfield County to help families who are new to this country.

Fighting Toxic Masculinity
Ahmad “Bizz” Bizzell, a Richmond activist & on campus barber, talks with VA Union University students about overcoming the pressures of toxic masculinity. Through his discussions, young men learn how they can be more supportive of one another and that it is okay to offer other males emotional support. A social worker who is also part of the program shares why men often hesitate to let down their guard and be open with the sensitive sides of their personalities. This program is held in the barber shop to create a relaxed, comfortable environment for deep discussions.

Virginia Living Museum
Virginia Currents visits the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News to see hundreds of wildlife and plants native to the regions of Virginia. We explore the hands-on exhibits, interactive discovery centers, a dinosaur trail, indoor and outdoor galleries, and so much more. Deputy Director, Fred Farris shares with us about some of the educational programs that are available to students in a classroom setting taught by a professionally trained staff.

Spotlight on Virginia Music
The spotlight shines on blues singer and bassist, Sherman Holmes. His Richmond Sessions album is a mixture of blues, gossip, folk and honky-tonk.

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