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Watch: Kepone Crisis: Today's Impact | Boosting Brain Power in Seniors | Luray Caverns

Kepone Crisis

Kepone Crisis: Today's Impact
A look at the 1970’s Kepone Crisis in Hopewell and how this pesticide chemical affected employees of the closed down manufacturer and even closed the James River to fishing for several years. We talk with a researcher from Ohio who spent years analyzing this huge event that was one of the first illegal dumping and toxic chemicals by a manufacturer that caused an investigation by the EPA which closed this factory run by former Allied employees. We also talk with a former employee who says he suffered for a long time and may still suffer from being exposed to the harmful kepone dust. We also talk with a Belgium filmmaker who came to Hopewell, VA to shoot interviews for a documentary he’s doing in France - where many people on French islands where Kepone was also used on banana plants could be affecting their food, fish and lives.

Open University
Virginia Currents goes inside classes offered by the Shepherd’s Center of Richmond that allow seniors to be life-long learners. Classes are taught by retired teachers/professors, and students are part of the growing aging population. Using their brains in new ways can ward off illnesses like dementia while the friendships formed keep depression at bay.

Luray Caverns
The Smithsonian dubbed Luray Caverns as “an infinite diversity of beauty.” The caverns offer views of unique formations hundreds of millions of years in the making. Limestone and calcium and other minerals combine to create unique formations that are other worldly.

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