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D. Folks Performs at Brewer's Cafe for the Season 2 Premiere of Brewer's Sessions

D. Folks
D. Folks setting up for his session, the Season 2 premiere at Brewer's Cafe. Photo: Victoria York / VPM

He's old enough to have owned albums (yes real wax LP’s) from MJ and Prince, and young enough to sidestep A&R’s and marketing execs by harnessing the power of social media. That’s who D. Folks is; a bridge between very distinct eras, in both sound and style. A student of soul icons and hip-hop legends alike, the Richmond, Virginia native’s passion for music is fueled by Hathaway and Gaye and stoked by the likes of Pac and ATCQ. He is a conduit of sorts, channeling Marvin’s ability to utilize innuendo in a time when explicitness didn’t permeate the airwaves.

Set List: 0:22 “Alive” | 4:12 “The Truth” | 9:10 “Favorite” | D. Folks (Artist), Wes Edwards (Background Vocals), Karla "KP" Pinkard (Background Vocals), Brandon Taylor (Drums), Ken Friend (Bass), Cameron Fowlkes (Guitar), Chris Beasley (Guitar), JL Harris (Keys) at Brewer's Cafe in Richmond, VA.

On “Alive” from his latest project titled “1977” Folks sings, “Just the two of us alone is such a dangerous thing, let the walls be our witness and the bed frame sing.”

On “Truth” you hear the exchange between partners contemplating the future of a weathered relationship. It resonates with anyone fortunate enough to be in love at some point. That’s who he really makes music for honestly. People who have lived and made mistakes, worked a 9 to 5, loved and learned, people who are active on IG, but still reminisce over stories captured on Polaroid film--people like him, and people like you.

Written By: Kevin Page

Victoria York is a Digital Producer for VPM. 
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