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A History Of Military Service As Told Through A Legacy List

P.O.W. bracelet
Image: VPM

The team heads to Richmond, Virginia where Anne Manley is in the middle of downsizing and moving to Jacksonville, Florida to be closer to her parents. The problem is she has just 24 hours before the movers arrive to pack it all up. Matt and his team need to find her most cherished items before they get lost in the shuffle of the big move. For Anne it’s more than just stuff. It’s a lifetime of proud memories. She wants to learn more about the events and people that have surrounded her and made her who she is today. The Legacy List team has their marching orders.

More about this episode:
Having traveled extensively and lived around the world, Anne’s belongings not only tell her life story, but that of her father, a Vietnam POW who shared a prison cell with John McCain…. her late husband, a career Air Force officer... and her three grown children. With the clock ticking, Matt and his team face their tightest deadline yet. They have only one day to find the items that Anne holds dear to her heart and tell the exciting story of her life. Along the way, they’ll learn about Anne’s family history of military service that dates back over a century as well as her personal story of survival, hardship, and adventure.

For Anne, her family members are her heroes and she credits them with getting her through the tough times. She’s ready to write the next chapter in her life but not without the memories that got her here. Now it’s up to the Legacy List team to make it happen.

With only a couple of hours to spare before the new owners arrive, Matt sits down with Anne for an emotional, uplifting look back at her life so far...and reveals a few surprises he found along the way.


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