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Shayy Winn | RACC | Dogs Donating Blood | Devil’s Backbone Brewery

Shayy Winn: Rising Above Adversity
We show the Winn family support and uplifting attitude of 18 year old singer, Shayy Winn who recently became legally blind yet persevered and moved American Idol judges and fans to tears in 2019. She graduated from Thomas Dale HS Specialty Center for Performing Arts in May 2019 and is working on her music career as well as learning how to become more independent with the help at the Dept. for the Blind & Vision Impaired. Shayy was diagnosed in the past 2 years with a cyst on the brain & that presses on her optic nerve. That’s why she became legally blind.

RACC: Watchdogs for Possible Pet Neglect
We see the everyday neglect that affects our communities’ pets through the eyes of Richmond Animal Care & Control.

Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank: Dogs Donating Blood
As veterinary medicine advances, there is more of a need for donor blood for animals undergoing surgery or cancer treatment. That is where the Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank comes in. They hold donor drives at locations in Virginia and bank it for use by other dogs. Dogs are helping dogs every day in this way. We visit a donor drive at a Fairfax veterinary clinic.

Devil’s Backbone Brewery
Nestled at the foot of Wintergreen, Devil’s Backbone Brewery offers not only seasonal brews but lots of live music, trail running and even camping on site.

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