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Michael Millions is Setting Off Sirens in Richmond's Music Scene

Ajay Brewer and Michael Millions at Brewer's Cafe in Richmond, VA.
Photo: Victoria York / VPM

Michael Millions is an American Rapper, Songwriter and Studio Engineer from Richmond, Virginia. He is also the co-founder of Purple Republic Music Group, a music production company, along with his brother and producer NameBrand. Michael found music at a young age and began recording music at 14. He signed to his first label at the age of 17 while enrolled in college at Norfolk State University, but the company folded before releasing his debut album.

Set List: 0:15 “Sirens” | 2:23 “Hard To Be King” | 5:39 “Sun” | 9:16 “Black Angel” | Michael Millions (Vocals), NameBrand (Keys), LA Moor (Drums) performing at Brewer's Cafe in Richmond, VA. 

After forming Purple Republic Music Group with his brother, he released 8 solo albums to date under the imprint: “Ashes & Samples” (2010), “The Color Purple” (2011), “Loose Change” (2011), “Michael” (2011), “Ghost Of 20 Dollar Bills” (2014), “Beautiful” (2015) and of his most popular releases, “Hard To Be King” (2018). Michael Millions is also largely part of the Association of Great Minds (AGM) a collective which includes fellow artists Radio B, Nickelus F, Easalio and Cole Hicks, visual artist Frank Coleman and Monsee'.

Victoria York is a Digital Producer for VPM. 
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