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Infuse Native Plants into an Established Garden | A Passion for Fresh Seasonal Food

making a seasonal wreath

Native Plant Infused Garden
Peggy Singlemann visits Cynthia Wood at her private garden in Crewe, VA to see how she has transformed a traditional old house garden by infusing native plants.

Sussex Farm
Keith Nevison visits Jen Naylor, owner of Sussex Farm, to see her garden, orchard and huge variety of  birds - and learn how it all fits into her message of eating fresh, local and seasonal food.

Tip from Maymont: Removing Noxious Weeds
In this Tip from Maymont, Peggy Singlemann talks about three plants with beautiful berries that are actually considered noxious weeds and explains how they should be removed.

Wreath Making
Cynthia Wood demonstrates how to make a seasonal wreath.

How to Make Apple Kimchi
Jan Naylor visits the Virginia Home Grown set to demonstrate how to make kimchi using fresh Virginia apples.


Watch the complete Season 20 of Virginia How Grown here.

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