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What Makes Healthy Soil?

handful of compost
(Image: VPM)

Visit Reynolds Community College to learn how soil composition differs across the landscape with Karin Stretchko. Then travel to Black Bear Composting to learn how they transform food waste into healthy compost for garden soil.


Soil Composition
Host Peggy Singlemann talks to Karin Stretchko at Reynolds Community College about the ways soil can differ across growing sites and the importance of making frequent additions of organic matter.

Black Bear Composting
Co-Host Keith Nevison visits Black Bear Composting to talk with Eric Walter about what it takes to run a commercial composting facility and why composting is so great for the environment.

Soil Products
Harris Wheeler, a former instructor at the Richmond Technical Center, visits the Virginia Home Grown set to break down common soil products available at garden centers and explain which products work best for different growing needs.

Eric Walter from Black Bear Composting provides tips to viewers on the best items to add or exclude from your home compost pile.

Hydrangea Bloom Color
Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger explains the importance of  knowing your soil’s pH level when planting hydrangeas and gives tips for soil amendments to change the color of your hydrangeas.

Container Composting
Randy Battle shares tips on how to make quick and easy compost mix in a container.

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