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Season 4 of UNTAMED examines complex conservation and environmental issues

Ed Clark
Ed Clark, President and Co-Founder, Wildlife Center of Virginia (Credit - Photo: Peggy Bryan for the Wildlife Center of Virginia)

Virginia boasts a unique and diverse array of wildlife that’s worthy of both celebrating and protecting. Today’s ecosystems are impacted by several factors that can vary in a number of ways.  

Many of these subjects and other issues are explored in UNTAMED, a co-production of VPM and the Wildlife Center of Virginia that introduces viewers to the natural and man-made challenges facing wildlife today and, most importantly, what we can do to make a difference. The series is hosted by Ed Clark, President and Co-Founder of The Wildlife Center of Virginia, one of the world's leading teaching and research hospitals for wildlife and conservation medicine. 

The fourth season of UNTAMED is set to debut on Thursday, April 21 at 8:30 p.m. with 8 new episodes weekly on Thursdays through June 9. 

"During season 4 of UNTAMED, we’ll take a deep dive into some of the more controversial and complex conservation issues facing Virginia and the nation, as well as some of the most complex and sensitive aspects of the natural world,” said Clark. “The guests and information shared in each episode are intended to enable our viewers to fully understand each topic and be able to make well-informed personal choices about how to protect the Earth." 

The latest season will see the team focusing on the interconnectedness of wildlife, humans and our environment. Viewers will learn about the impact of certain wildlife patients that may not survive, but still contribute to education, research and culture. The show will also explore the role that predators play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem, as well as how invasive species are affecting certain areas. Additional topics include citizen science, land management and pollinators. 

Each episode features a segment called “What You Can Do,” which helps the audience learn how they can assist local ecosystems.  

“It’s been amazing to be a part of UNTAMED since it all started in 2019 and watch it grow into what it is today,” said Amanda Nicholson, Senior Vice President for Outreach and Education for the Wildlife Center of Virginia. “I love that we’ve been able to share so many stories and so many important wildlife and environmental issues with people around the world. The subject matter and the quality of the show keep getting better each season, and that’s true for Season 4 as well – I’m excited to see it all come together and share it with our supporters.” 

Viewers can watch new episodes of UNTAMED on demand at, or livestream via the PBS website or the PBS Video App. 

In addition, those interested can watch the premiere each week on VPM’s Science Matters Facebook page or on the Wildlife Center of Virginia’s Facebook page, where experts will answer questions in the live chat.